Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Version 2 of the Gospel Paper

I’ve been in a revising mood lately so I decided to revise the Gospel paper. The original version (October 2003) put a lot of focus on the gospel as Jesus’ kingship but only said a little about the flipside of this coronation – the defeat of the previous king(s). Someone recently said something in an e-mail discussion list that helped me get a full picture of this aspect of the gospel, so I’ve revised the paper by adding material that describes this aspect. Thus, a good summary phrase that I would now use for the gospel is “dynastic transfer.” The gospel is indeed “Jesus is Lord,” but the other side of this coin is that He became Lord by defeating the old tyrant rulers and plundering their goods.

Instead of putting the revised version in a new blog entry (and thus having two versions posted), I edited the blog entry for the original version and replaced it with the new one. So the link to the paper is still here.

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